Well you guys must have been crossing your fingers (thank you!) because the next day after my last post, my cord arrived! WAHOO! Ebay finally pulled through! It is so nice to be living in the 21st century again, I have really missed it (and studying was getting way too difficult). So now I am quite behind on my posts, I have so many pictures from the past couple weeks! I'll start by finishing up my autumn posts with this pumpkin bread I made a while ago. I used a recipe from my favourite foodblogger Emily @ Visions of Sugarplum. This is where I used the rest of that can of pumpkin from my pumpkin cookies. I've never made a pumpkin loaf before but it was really nice!

Pumpkin Loaf Recipe: Sugarplum

So I plan on posting as much as possible now, to catch up on my photos. AND can I just acknowledge that today is December 1st, and December means Christmas and Christmas means amazing holiday foods and treats! It also means tons of time to blog because tomorrow is my last day of class (hurrah!). So prepare yourselves to be bombarded with pictures of Christmasy foods - ready set GO

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