Computer Coma

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts this month. The power cord to my computer died a couple weeks ago and my computer has absolutely no battery life. I used ebay for the first time and ordered a new one... but that was about 2 weeks ago and here I am still.. with no cord. Ebay: you suck. So any food updates have to wait now, which is so unfortunate because we have been making such wonderful meals and desserts lately! I will make up for this hiatus though. Classes end this week and then I'll be blogging every other day about all our Christmas goodies! So cross your fingers that my cord comes this week please! I cannot live in the stone age any longer.

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  1. HAHA...I love how you call this current situation "stone age". Just give eBay sometime. It's doing its thing (i think).

    fingers crossed for you! :)

    - J.