Wine, Cheese & Chocolate - could there be a better combination?

For my housemate's 21st birthday she decided to have a wine, cheese and chocolate party. Is that not the absolute best theme for a party ever?! It's BRILLIANT! Everyone brought chocolates, cakes and cheeses, and wine of course, and we ended up with a huge selection of treats. I made peanut butter chocolate truffles and the birthday girl prepared lots of toasts with cheese and honey. The party was complete with a chocolate fondue. It was just divine, the house was overflowing with the best eats.

So many extravagant truffles, Godiva and french chocolates everywhere. We literally ate and drank for hours. I managed to eat far too much of everything, and by the end of the night was feeling extremely ill. I couldn't even look at cheese or chocolate the next day without wanting to be sick. Who ever thought there could be such a thing as too much chocolate?! I am sorry stomach. Regardless of the overload, the night was nothing short of fabulous, and I can't wait to have another party with the same theme. It really is the best.

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  1. What a glorious chocolate FEAST!!
    Excellent theme, though it is slightly indulgent, a birthday celebration definitely merits it! I'm excited for all your other posts to come, so many food-themed celebrations this month, we have to keep it up next term too!!!