A Little Update

Hello Hello!

Just a quick update from little Bebington, England!

After arriving safely in Manchester last week, my aunt, uncle and cousin picked us up from the airport and we all headed over to Bebington (which is just across the water from Liverpool) where we are staying with my nan.

We've just been enjoying a nice family holiday, nothing too touristy. Visiting with relatives, shopping in Liverpool, exploring Chester, learning scouse and prepping for my cousin's wedding! It was last Saturday and it was absolutely beautiful! The food at the reception... oh my goodness, you'll have to wait for those pictures, they are going to enjoy a blogpost all of their own.

And of course I'm having some lovely foodie adventures and been eating WAY too much. The tea and cakes and chocolates and fish n chips are just everywhere and I can't seem to stop myself! Honestly, I don't understand the English and how they eat this all the time and manage to avoid obesity.

So for now here are a few tidbits, I'm going to have another biscuit...

Had a lovely lunch at The Devon Doorway

Chinese Banquet! Courses: sweet and sour soup, appetizers such as spring rolls, shrimp toasts, etc, duck pancakes, and then if you still have room, the main course (featured above). It's a ridiculous amount of food and that array of plates was added to after I took this picture.

Tea and cakes

Drinks at The Ship in Liverpool. My new favourite beer: Floris Fraise (strawberry flavoured!!)

I don't think this one needs a description..

For sale at Hotel Chocolat hehe

Jamie's Italian !!

ummm.... ew!?!