Party of Five

I am not the only one of my friends that is obsessed with food. All my housemates are, and many of my other friends. This leads to a lot of events that revolve around food (and is the reason for the next few posts). My class circle of friends and I like to take turns hosting dinner parties. We had our first one this semester a couple weeks ago. My friend and I did the cooking at my house and our three girlfriends joined us at my house. Here is the menu (random but delicious):

Crackers baked with goat cheese and honey - topped with dried cranberries and maple cashews
Butternut squash risotto
Barbequed chicken with rosemary and lemon
Coconut tapioca with melon
Grape pie

I have to say the butternut squash risotto was my favourite. My friend made it, and she baked the squash, then softened it and mixed it into the risotto while it cooked. So nice. Another friend of mine who came early to help cooking made grape pie. I had never heard of anyone doing this before and was therefore slightly skeptical. But it actually tasted pretty good! I think we covered quite a few nations with this menu - France, Italy, America and China. An evening filled with great (though very random) food, great friends and plenty of wine. I just love dinner parties.


  1. Sounds like a fun dinner party there. What's the China dish?

    I personally love risotto, it's one of my favourite food, yet I haven't had the chance to taste one for almost 2 years.

    - J.

    PS. Plenty of wine is always good :) I hope your wine selection didn't come from a wide range of random countries too. Though, if it did, I am interested in knowing :)

  2. My chinese friend taught me how to make the tapioca dish... so I included China lol.

    The wine was all italian.