And the award goes to... Food

In honour of the Academy Awards, I thought I would do a post on films - films in which food is the star. Here is my list of top 5 food movies (in no particular order):

Julie & Julia

We'll start off with a recent one. I saw Julie & Julia in the Theatres and immediately fell in love with this movie. It simultaneously tells the stories of Julia Child and Julie Powell as they struggle and strive on their culinary journeys. We watch Julie blog about her own challenge to cook all the recipes in Julia Child's first cookbook in one year, as Julia writes and publishes said book. I wouldn't advise sitting down to watch this one without food. Seriously, it will make you hungry. This movie is totally centred around food and filled with a variety of beautiful dishes. A must-see for any foodie.

And to think it all started with a tiny foodblog. Hmmm....


Johnny Depp, chocolate, France - 'nuff said.

But seriously folks, this is an amazing movie (and also one of my favourites). It tells the story of Vianne who disrupts a small town, as she settles there with her daughter, opening up a chocolaterie. Chocolate is the shining star of this film, and it takes centre stage in many of the scenes. It is a beautifully directed movie with a wonderful score and lovely cinematography. If you're a Johnny fan, like myself, then you should just watch it regardless.

And this one was actually nominated for 5 Oscars, and won 8 other awards! Not bad...

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Who doesn't love this movie? Five children receive the chance of a lifetime as they are invited to explore the world famous Wonka Chocolate Factory. Every scene is packed with sugary delights - rooms made of cakes and candies, a chocolate river, lickable wallpaper - it's such a treat for the eyes! Filled with food, music and great humour, it really is a must-see for everyone young and old.

I really wish I won a golden ticket.

And as much as I love Johnny Depp... I have to admit I like the original the best.


The star chef of this movie is not one you'd find in a typical French restaurant... or any restaurant for that matter. Remy is an aspiring cook in the city of Paris at a slight disadvantage... he's a rat. Following his passion he finds a way to practice his culinary skills behind the scenes and uses a young man as his puppet chef. To this day I am a loyal and devoted Disney fan and so definitely would recommend a Pixar film, especially one centred around restaurant kitchen.

Come on... everyone loves cartoons, and that rat is just so cute.

Supersize Me

If you love McDonald's then I wouldn't advise you to watch this one. If you haven't heard of it (which isn't likely) it is a documentary in which a man takes on the challenge of maintaining a strictly McDonald's diet. It actually gets quite disgusting by the end of the film. This one really opens up your eyes to the fast food industry. I would really hope no one out there would ever commit to such a diet. 

This documentary is proof that ignorance is bliss.

If you haven't seen any of the above, then I strongly advise you download/rent them, grab your favourite snacks, and sit down and WATCH


  1. I feel like I am such a movie whore since I watched every movie on that list...lol...
    In my mind, the award goes to Pixar, Ratatouille. :)
    - j.

  2. I love Ratatouille too. And I've stayed away from Supersize me in fear of what it'll do to me and my junk food love!

    Julie and Julia, Chocolat, CATCF, and Ratatouille definitely fall on the list of some of my favourite movies of all time. Hmmm what does that say about me?