I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and Santa treated you well! I sure did... in fact, I'm still full. We had our double Christmas feast - two giant meals in a row - and it was magical! Such an incredible amount of food, I think it's the most I've ever seen in this house. Seriously, I'm still eating the leftovers, and there are nuts, chocolates and cookies everywhere!

We had a huge 20-pounder on Christmas day, accompanied by many other dishes such as roasted carrots, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, squash and stuffing. I also made yorkshire puddings but they kind of failed, they turned out more like muffins. I am not sure if it was the recipe, or the heat wasn't high enough, but they didn't puff up as much as they should have :(
We normally have pavlova for dessert but since my sister didn't come home, we are saving it for when we go visit her at New Year's (for yet another turkey dinner). Instead we enjoyed the many baked goods around the house such as fruit tarts, nanaimo bars, cookies, chocolate and cheesecake.

On Boxing day we prepared a huge feast for 11. We had a roast beef, barbequed pork, salmon and trout. We also had scalloped potatoes au gratin, squash, salads, yorkshire puddings, mashed turnips, and a huge vegetable dish of roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, leeks, parsnips and onions. It was fantastic.

This was followed by a dessert. But not just any dessert. One of 6 platters. Because we didn't have enough food already...

My uncle made more 7 Layers, shortbread cookies and a delicious pumpkin pie. We also had nanaimo bars, a variety of fruit tarts, cheesecakes, and a platter of goodies from our neighbor.

Just before dinner she dropped this off. Our neighbor is an amazing baker, her brownies taste like fudge and everything is so perfectly sliced and presented! There are lemon squares, peanut butter cookies, ginger cookies, nanaimo bars, brownies/fudge and coconut/cherry truffles. Of course, I tried everything...

I got some wonderful presents from Santa:

 Cook books galore! I've wanted Gordon Ramsay's World Kitchen for a while :)

 My friends gave me this beautiful sea salt! I used it in my salted caramel and chocolate macarons

Some nice stainless steel kitchen utensils


Cause you can never have too much...

I actually have so many toblerones now it's ridiculous... I think I might bake with them, any ideas?

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  1. Hey there -
    I have been reading your recent posts and I have no idea you manage to eat all these food during christmas season almost every day. Each meal seems like a heavy meal!

    Care to share your secret? :)

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    - J.