7 Cakes a Week

With the end of my teaching contract came a week packed with goodbyes. Goodbyes in France usually have to involve food in some way or another. Bring on the goodbyes!

And so arrived the week of soirées, AKA bake week.

You know what they say, a cake a day keeps the doctor away...

Day 1: Apple tart

Last minute soirées call for last minute desserts. I love it when random impromptu creations turn out like this:
Recipe to come!

Day 2: Carrot cake

I made this for my youngest students (don't tell my other classes!)

No picture, but you can find my recipe for carrot cake (or muffins) here

Day 3: Maple butter tarts

Made for our international tapas party
I had to contribute a Canadian dish... and since it's me, it had to be a dessert.

Day 4: Nanaimo bars

These were done for goodbye parties I had with the sports profs and then the English profs

The soirées this week were neverending... but I'm not complaining.

You can find my post on nanaimo bars and a link to the recipe here

Day 5: Tourte des Pyrenées

I had wanted a tourte mold for ages. When I found one in my village's market I was so excited I had to make a cake as soon as I got home.

 Day 6: Lemon tart

For miss Megan's birthday!

Again no picture... my apologies

Day 7: Canelés

Personal delivery to Anna in Spain!