Famly Lunch in Valencia

After our trip down to beautiful and sweltering Granada, we stopped in Valencia for a much needed day of relaxation. One of my friends who we were traveling with is from Valencia, and his parents live in a gorgeous house just outside the city. We spent a lovely afternoon there lounging by the pool before being invited inside for a magnificent feast.

This meal was just so good - by far the best while I was in Spain - so I just had to share it with you

They ordered a meat and vegetable paella from a nearby restaurant, that they believe makes the best paella around. This was absolutely delicious and bursting with flavour! I think I could eat paella and never get tired of it. It is definitely one of my favourite Spanish dishes and holds a special place in my heart.

Gazpacho soup in the form of shots!

My friend's mother is an incredible cook and prepared so many amazing dishes for us to try: mussels, calamari, prawns, mini empanadas, Russian salad served in avocado halves, smoked salmon boats and a lovely red wine of Valencia. We ate to our hearts' contents and this divine meal left us full for hours.

And if this all wasn't enough, it was followed by fresh fruit and an amazing cake, again prepared by my friend's mother. Such a kind and welcoming family, I am so so lucky to have enjoyed this!

Looking at these pictures brings all those tastes back to my mouth. 
Craving the flavours of Spain!

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