The best Panna Cotta I ever had

Trastevere is definitely my favourite part of Rome. Just across the river, it is a lovely little neighborhood, removed from the clouds of tourists that swarm the main hubs. I love the Italian architecture, with the yellow and pink facades draped in foliage, lining the small, cobblestone streets. I actually got a little lost trying to find Santa Maria there.

On my last day in Rome and last evening in Italy, I scouted the streets of Trastevere for a place to indulge in one last dinner. This area of the city is known for its many great restaurants and cafes. What I was really craving was a good dessert so I picked my menu based on that (are you surprised?). Finally I discovered a place that was serving a choice of panna cotta. 


This was by far the best panna cotta I have ever had. It was vanilla, topped with caramel, and simply delicious. It had such a wonderful, thick and creamy texture, and it wasn’t so heavy on the gelatin, which I really liked. 

Mmmm I don’t think I can eat panna cotta anywhere but in Italy ever again.

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