Street Eats: The Cupcake Shoppe

Recently I've been reading up on bloggers' favourite bakeries and sweet eats in Toronto. I've been craving a visit to a specialty cupcake shop for some time now and conveniently came across The Cupcake Shoppe. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is located on Yonge St. just a 5 minute walk from the office that I volunteer at. Perfect!!

I checked out their list of flavours ahead of time to see what they had (and to make the in-store decision-making process a lot easier). I was slightly disappointed in their variety, thinking they would have had some more bizarre flavours. The Cupcake Shoppe has been around for a while and I read some good reviews so decided to give it a visit.

Despite some very damp and foggy weather, I ventured out of the office and walked up the street to The Cupcake Shoppe. It is just a tiny little place filled with lots of customers and many beautifully coloured little cakes. I had a look at their menu for the day and sadly they didn't have the Red Velvet or the Eh cupcakes so I opted for the Cookie Dough.

The vanilla cake was great - it was moist and had a great crumby texture, studded throughout with mini chocolate chips. The buttercream was nice too, quite sweet and a bit grainy though. I guess it reminded me a bit of chocolate chip cookie dough but that's a bit difficult to copy in a cupcake form.

They have so many flavours that I really want to go back and try, including the Creamsicle and the Coco Loco. With just a five minute walk from the office it will be hard to stay away...

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