Let's Eat

Just a few yummy photos of some recent eats ...

Pizza topped with pomodoro sauce, caramelized onions, brie, prosciutto and fresh basil

Roasted red potato, artichoke and mustard greens in lemon chili roast garlic vinaigrette, topped with blackened chicken breast and mustard seed sauce

Vanilla bean creme brulee

Chocolate bread pudding

Lettuce roll with crab and ginger

Cucumber roll and unagi hand roll

Tempura banana with green tea ice cream

Turkey Burger topped with avocado spread, roasted red pepper, goat's cheese and truffle mayo


  1. Mack had that very pizza for lunch today at Woodenheads. Soooo good

  2. What kind of lettuce would make a lettuce roll? And how would one make it?... The pizza looks awesome I had a similar one I realized last week... also prosciutto, but with roast red peppers and artichokes! What feasts :)