A Swiss Evening in Japan

I love sushi. I love fondue. Add the two together and you get the BEST fusion dinner.

We've been trying to get through as much of our bucket list as we can before we all move out at the end of the month. I think we're going to fail though. We only just passed the halfway mark - but I'd say that's quite an accomplishment as there are 40 countries on the list! We've got a week left... 20 countries in 7 days? Yeah definitely.

We decided a long time ago that we would make sushi for Japan and chocolate fondue for Switzerland so we decided to throw the two together in an extreme fusion dinner. I don't care how weird you think it is, the meal was DELICIOUS.

Spicy tuna roll


We made a huge amount of sushi. I wish I had a picture of the table when it was laden with the 5 platters of rolls. Oh what a feast. There's something really satisfying about working long and hard to create a meal and then sitting down to enjoy it with everyone.

Who doesn't love fondue? No one. You'd be crazy if you didn't. We prepared a variety of fruits and had four different pots of melted chocolate: dark, white and Toblerone. See, we got that swiss chocolate in there so I think it's fair to cross of Switzerland. The three chocolates were divine and we graciously accepted the invitation to devour it all.

I still have so much Toblerone left. I'm using any excuse I can to bake with it and my pile doesn't seem to be diminishing. If you've got any creative ideas, or just want it... please please let me know!


  1. o m g. are we in wonka land?!!?!? those pictures are unreal. It was QUITE the extravaganza and a wonderful mesh of menus (I'm surprised we were able to fit all that chocolate in after the sushi) But we will do more this week !! I have full intentions of making a greek/egyptian/spanish fusion dinner.........

  2. I want to swim in the chocolate river in these pics!!