A Tea Party

A few friends and I had been planning on having a tea party for a while - a Mad Hatter's Tea Party

It ended up being more like the type of tea party Alice would have had though

Cucumber wrapped smoked salmon & cream cheese


Crostini with sauteed vegetables and salami, topped with goat's cheese

French baguette toasted with honey and goats cheese

Ginger peach tea - perfect during those cold winter days

Chocolate macarons with salted caramel buttercream, custart strawberry tarts with cream, shortbread

Don't you just love finger foods?

One friend brought sugar cookies with cherries and gingerbread


  1. Oh my goodness! This is such a cute idea. I absolutely adore tea, finger sandwiches, little pastries... adorable. I like the name of your blog too! Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite wine, hands down. I'm assuming that's what your name is about? :)

  2. Hehe thanks it was really fun!
    Yep that's what the blog name is all about. I am definitely a white wine drinker and I love Sauvignon Blanc! Hmm I should really do a post about wine soon...