Dim Sum YUM

I love Yum Cha. I just think it's so much fun. You get to pick lots of different, little dishes to share at your table and try them all! My friend drove a few of us home after exams had ended, and she treated us all to Yum Cha! As I could understand maybe 1/4 of what the menu said, I didn't really do any of the ordering. My friend took care of that and she picked so many yummy dishes, some of which I had tried before and were my favourites, and others that were completely new to me...

Rice noodle stir-fry with beef (gong chow ow haw)

Steamed rice roll - bbqed pork (left), shrimp (ha cherng) (right)

Sticky Rice

Bbq pork buns (cha siu bau)

Crystal dumpling shrimp (ha gao)

Pork dumpling with fish roe (siu mi)

Sesame balls (one of my favourites)

Mango tapioca pudding

Thanks Kathryn :)


  1. O.M.G. - That was seriously my first reaction when I first saw those photos and read your blog! I MISS Chinese food....soooooo muchhhhh....

    All your photos look like they tasted so good! I hope you had a blasting delicious fun times there! What was your favourite dish out of all those?

    - J.

    PS. Nice on all the cantonese pinyin on the side of each food name

  2. I always seem to be reading your blog during the dreaded late night munchies. Why does everything look so darn tempting and delicious and unavailable to me right now? WHY??

  3. @Justin - Thanks, got my friend to help! It was definitely deliciously fun. I think other than the sesame balls my favourite is the bbq pork buns.

    @Jane - Reading foodblogs while suffering from the munchies is always a big mistake. tut tut.

  4. I love dim sum!! What a wonderful assortment, I love places like that.