Paris, je t'aime

The Louvre
Versailles Chateau
Centre Pompidou
Musee d'Orsay (They were on strike!)
Eiffel Tower at night
See the city by bike

Paris is such a magical city, alive with colours and rushing people at all hours of the day. I went there for a five-day holiday with a general idea of what I wanted to cover during my stay. My friend and I were able to pack loads of stuff into our short visit, and by the end we boarded our train with pastries, completely exhausted. From Renaissance art and graffiti, to cathedrals and towers, to giant meringues and Canadian pubs, to shopping shopping shopping we did it all.

My first Laduree experience was in London actually, where I tried Pistachio, which remains one of my favourites. I also tasted salted caramel, rose petal, and orange blossom all of which were exquisite.

But now I had 5 days in Paris and on my list of must-sees: Laduree.

There are 3 Ladurees in Paris and we decided to go to the one that was in walking distance of us. Thank goodness we didn’t go to the main, large one because there had just been a huge fire there the day before and it was closed! Mon Dieu! I would have been heartbroken if I had turned up there.
This Laduree we visited was packed with two things: people and desserts. With their large variety of macarons and list of new flavours it was very difficult to choose but I finally settled on a few boxes and headed to the Seine to taste test.
I had been dying to taste the new green apple, which was such a strange flavour for a macaron. I liked it but I felt like I was eating a candy.

One of my favourite new flavours was the violette cassis, which was fruity and you could still taste the floral hints.
The Colombian chocolate was very rich, with an indulgent ganache. I wasn’t a huge fan though.
I loved the praline and coconut, both were fantastic and I savoured them while enjoying the view of the riverbank painted in the late afternoon colours.
Paris is an amazing city, I don’t really know what else to say. It’s massive and just overflowing with art, museums, restaurants, churches, shops, boulangeries, bars, parks, stunning architecture (and unfortunately tourists). A city where you could never be bored, and living there all your life you would never run out of new discoveries.

Apparently New York is the next city to be hit with a Laduree. Only a matter of time until they migrate to Canada. Maybe by the time I return home (if I ever do) Toronto will have one.
Also when I was in Paris, I discovered the best pain au chocolat. It was the most perfect one I have yet to taste, buttery and flakey and filled with lines of soft chocolate mmmmm. I wonder if I could order some and have them shipped to my door…


  1. We walked by the Laduree on Madison Avenue when we were in New York. We would have gone it but there was a lineup out the door!!

    What did you think of Centre Pompidou? The building is so unique!

  2. Oh that's too bad it was so busy! I agree, the architectural design of Centre Pompidou is really interesting, and I really enjoyed exploring their collections. I made sure to visit the Stravinsky Fountain too while I was there - it's so fun and quirky!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! And I originally didn't like macarons the first time I tried... thought they were just too sugary, but I tried again and with all of the wonderful flavours there is more to them than just "sweet"! I can't remember which I liked best.. the floral ones.. orangeflower? Is that one? Or rose? I don't remember! Musée d`Orsay is so great! I went last time I was in Paris, I think you would really appreciate the architecture (old train station!) On the list for the next trip :) MISS YOU!!!! hope everything is great