One Year Old

It was exactly one year ago yesterday that I published my very first blogpost and Sauvignon-Blog was born.

Happy 1st Birthday Sauvignon-Blog!!

Wow, you are growing up so fast, where does the time go?

Thank you to everyone who has ever visited my blog and those of you that have taken the time to leave comments.

And thank you to my followers - you know who you are - and you're the best :)

And while on the subject of birthdays I just wanted to show you something I received earlier this summer for MY birthday. I was so shocked and impressed when I opened it, I just had to post a picture of it so you can all see:

My incredibly talented and patient friend Jane handmade all of these inedible treats! Aren't they amazing?!

I don't know which is my favourite - the strawberry perhaps, or the purple heart - ah I love them all!!

What are the best type of truffles? Everlasting ones of course :)

Thanks Jane

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