Spring Tea

Near the end of exam season my housemates and I held a lovely tea party. We had been trying to plan one all semester and during the month of April we finally found a day to host it. With the excitement building and plans unravelling throughout the semester we prepared quite a long menu, but with five chefs in the house we were up to the challenge. Between the five of us we also had a huge assortment of teas, I really wish I had snapped a picture of them all.

I decided to make Sugarplum's Lemon Coolers and they were delicious. I would highly recommend visiting her site and making this recipe. Right now.

Despite some friends still with exams to write and the pouring rain, we had a large number of guests. It was a lovely evening with decadent treats and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Gosh I miss our foodie parties!

Assorted cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches
Cheese and onion scones
Homemade hummus with crackers and veggies
Herbed tuna tartlets
Irish soda bread  with spinach dip (and we crossed off Ireland!)

Lavender cupcakes
Lemon raspberry tart
red velvet cheesecake brownies
Goat's cheese tartlets with shredded apple and walnuts in wine
Chocolate and almond biscotti
Lemon coolers
Dark chocolate and Toblerone dipped strawberries

Accompanied by an abnormally large variety of teas

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  1. Seeing the menu all written out like that makes it seems more extravagant! (Though it really was). So great. We'll need to recreate something similar soon! and BTW my mom also loves the lemon cookies