4 Desserts and a Pizza

Birthdays are such an excellent excuse to go out to dinner. Nine of us went out for Anna's birthday the other day.. where to? Woodenheads! I don't know why but I have developed a serious obsession for their pizzas... okay and their desserts too. They offer so many different pizzas that I just want to keep returning to try more and more. I've been there twice now this semester and want to go again already! This time I had a huge urge to try their apple butter and so I decided to make my own pizza. And what a good decision it was. On my pizza I asked for apple butter, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, eggplant and chevre. It was absolutely delicious. It was sweet but not too sweet, the garlic balanced the apple butter perfectly. I would definitely order it again. We all enjoyed trading slices and trying a variety of toppings.

Flipping through my pictures I realized that I didn't even snap a shot of my pizza!
But here is Anna's - it was topped with pesto, roasted roma tomatoes, feta, smoked chicken and honey.

Then came dessert... and what a dessert it was. Because it was Anna's birthday and there were nine of us, they brought us one of every dessert so we could try them all. How beautiful our table looked when it was lined with decadent treats - I couldn't wait to taste each one. The desserts circled the table as we tried each, and honestly, they are nothing short of fantastic:

Dessert Lasagna!! Look familiar? I was so excited to dive into these beautiful decadent layers of soft chocolate mousse and crisp phylo pastry. It is a treat with lovely contrasting textures. I think this might be my favourite.

These lemon tarts were delightful. Such a drastic change from the other desserts, they had strong, tangy and tart lemon flavour with a buttery crust.

This apple dessert pizza I had during my last Woodenheads dinner as well. It's like an apple pie in the form of a pizza. Sound amazing? It is. The caramel and crumb topping is delicious and caused my housemate and I to scheme over how they might have created it.

 I'm not sure what you would call this - it was a giant pastry pocket filled with pears and drenched in chocolate ganache. It was nice but probably my least favourite.

Speaking of meeting Chef Michael Smith... he came to our campus again the day of Anna's birthday! So I met him once again, asked for his autograph, a few photos, and discussed cooking and bbqing tips. Yes, we're pretty good friends now.

Definition of an excellent day.

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  1. o man what a delicious meal
    I can't decide if I like the chocolate mousse or the lemon tarts the best- so different and both so delicious! Also torn between your pizza and annas for my fav. I'll give yours extra points because you made it yourself ;)
    definitely want to go back to woodenheads!