Pancakes for one?

I love coming home for a break. It means I get to catch up with all my old friends from home, which is always really great, especially because it is usually arranged around an outing of eating or drinking. The other day our neighbors, my mom and I all went out for breakfast to a pancake house in a town nearby. Going out for breakfast is always so nice because breakfast food is just amazing. Seriously, I know I would be quite content to eat breakfast all throughout the day, replacing lunch and dinner for cereals, omelettes, french toast, anything really, you name it.

I had already decided before we arrived that I would get pancakes... it's a pancake house isn't it?! Pancakes are awesome because they can be done so many different ways with so many toppings!

When I lived in Sydney we used to have weekly pancake parties and to finish off the semester we went out to a famous pancake house called Pancakes on the Rocks. Now that menu was unbelievable and they were the most decadent and divine pancakes I've ever had! I'll have to post about THAT sometime...

Anyways, when I saw the menu at breakfast I immediately knew I was going to have trouble deciding because there were so many options and different ways you could have your pancakes. After a lot of tough decision-making (it was pretty stressful) I settled on cinnamon apple and raisin pancakes. Now I probably should have asked how many pancakes came with it, because I was quite shocked when the waitress set this mountain in front of me:

5 PANCAKES?!!!? Who on earth could eat that many on their own in one sitting?! They were huge and just drenched with apples and cream. There was no way I was going to finish all of that. I forgot how filling pancakes are and so hadn't really prepared myself for this. I had no choice but to dive into that heaping pile of cakey, sugary goodness.

The cinnamon and cream made a lovely topping along with syrup. The apples weren't really that great, but the pancakes themselves were wonderful. They had a lovely fluffy texture and were spotted throughout with raisins. 5 huge cakes though? I mean is that really necessary? I ate until I was a bit past comfortably full and managed to devour 2 1/2 pancakes. So I ate my way through half the stack and gave myself a pat on the back.

Runaway butter!


  1. Hey Jen,
    your photos are getting better and better...
    Anyways, I was reading this blog and I thought of you and thought you might like it too: http://foodporndaily.com/

    - j

  2. Thanks Justin!

    Hehe yes I am quite familiar with that website - it's one of my favourites :)

  3. Hehe I have the exact same problem in most places. I have a tiny appetite, and the food they serve is probably made for a giant! I feel pretty happy when I even manage to eat half :)