A Super Bowl of Snacks

Did everyone watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? I did. I watched the whole entire thing. Impressive I think, except for that after sitting in front of the game from start to finish I couldn't even tell you who won (the Packers, I discovered afterwards). I can however tell you ALL about what we had to eat.

I love how the Super Bowl is an excuse to indulge in tons of heavy and unhealthy, but delicious snacks. I was really looking forward to gameday for this sole purpose.

Two friends came over (neither football fans, but foodies like myself) and we cooked up some treats for the game. We made a yummy layered dip for nachos, and a batch of soft pretzels. I have never made pretzels before, and we decided to try using whole-wheat flour. This might have not been the best decision on our part... it made it hard to roll and shape the dough. But for our first attempt, they ended up turning out okay! We sprinkled them with pink sea salt before throwing them in the oven.

Well we really enjoyed 'watching' the game. Actually, we mainly just paid attention to the commercials, and then went back to snacking and chatting during the game.

Did you all see the Glee commercial? SO AWESOME.

I am sorry to all those football fans out there, but I really don't understand all the hype. This food, on the other hand...


  1. man, i wish i was watching the game with you! pretty sure all I snacked on during the superbowl was a bag of Fritos. yummy as they were, I'd trade their salty goodness in for your pretzels and dip any day! the pictures are great too- as always. this post is definitely a touchdown :) haha oh man that was disguisting but i couldnt resist

  2. Hey...good photos...i can see the difference :) (j)