Gnocchi Adventure

A fellow foodie of mine invited me over to try our hands at gnocchi! I had never made it before, but my friend had, and knew a few recipes to work from. We made a large batch. And I mean LARGE. We made so much it took us a grand total of two hours! But I'd say it was all worth it when we finally sat down to eat. Gnocchi is such a wonderful comfort food, especially during this ridiculously cold Canadian winter. Since we started with such a large number of potatoes, we didn't really follow exact measurements with a recipe, just kinda added what seemed right. So sadly... I have no recipe for you. Hopefully I will make it again soon though (a smaller batch) and share it with you :)

A neverending field of gnocchi

I have yet to perfect the gnocchi texture...

Bon Appetit!

We are hoping to have another cooking adventure this semester, and I'm currently trying to decide what to make... any suggestions?


  1. Can I ask you to make Risotto? xP
    - J.

  2. I love gnocchi! I wish I could have a neverending field of gnocchi sitting in front of me too ;)

  3. Gorgeous! I've only made gnocchi once and it didn't turn out very well.

    I agree with Justin - risotto!

  4. Haha, can you believe that I still have some left in the freezer? That proves how large of a batch it was.

  5. YAY!!!! OMG I LOVE GNOCCHI!!! when i was in italy that is all i ate ahahaha! I had an italian friend show me how to make it and it is so great! I actually already planned on making it tonight and then i read this so of course i must comment! I like for a sauce just butter and parmigianno regianno (sp?) ahahah!

    Love the blog girl!