And then I moved to Taiwan

If someone were to have told me a year ago that in one year I'd be living in Taiwan, 

that I'd be eating bamboo shoots,

drinking bubble milk tea,

learning to read Chinese menus,

and zigzagging through crowds on a scooter...

I'd have thought they were crazy.

In fact, at any moment in my life if someone had told me I'd be moving to the opposite side of the world to this beautiful, tropical island I wouldn't have believed it.

I mean... Taiwan?! Where's that, right?

(And yes I said Taiwan, not Thailand - a mistake that countless people tend to make. Such as when friends made their farewells, singing "Have a great time in Thailand!")

And yet here I am. One year in France, barely 3 weeks back in my beloved Canadian home and I find myself transported to the hot and humid island of Taiwan.

What can I say? I just can't seem to shake the travel bug I caught when down under in Sydney, Australia. Apparently they have yet to find a cure, but I'm not complaining.

Welcome to my neighborhood in Taipei where I'll be living for the next year.

Can I show you around? Maybe interest you in some dumplings?


  1. I would LOVE some dumplings. I will be venturing back to our neighborhood Asian superstore in search of equivalent ones!!! I'm excited for more posts. Just made some sweet potato cornbread muffins... good with honey + yogurt! I realized my problem though here in London is we don't have measuring cups so whenever I bake, they're seriously off-hand inventions ... lol

  2. Those sound delicious, especially topped with the honey and yogurt!! mmm I'd love to have some tomorrow for breakfast. I just had a roasted sweet potato from a street vendor near where that photo was taken: yum.
    Haha baking without measuring cups is dangerous business! But it makes it even better when they turn out well. You've just got the magic touch I guess :)