First stop: Amsterdam

So I'm back after my Eurotrip!
This time I went North:
Amsterdam --> Berlin --> Stockholm
I've wanted to visit these cities for ages and finally the time came to make it happen. All year I had planned on making a eurotrip up around these parts and the Easter holidays were the perfect opportunity! It took a lot of planning and researching and emailing but finally I found a route that worked well and didn't cost too many $$$.

I really enjoyed exploring these three very different cities, learning about their cultures and histories. But the best part about it all would have to be the reunions. I was able to meet up with loads of old friends who I hadn't seen since my Australian days!
Also a huge highlight: trying all the different foods! Before leaving I looked up all the must-eats in each city and things I'd like to try. In each city I tried a variety of treats, mostly on the sweet side... and now I'm a bit sick of chocolates and cakes. Who knew that would ever happen?!
So let's start with Amsterdam
What a cute city it is. We enjoyed biking through the spiderweb of streets, crossing over the canals and passing the leaning buildings.
The typical Dutch dishes are quite heavy consisting of a lot of potato and meat, but there is so much more to taste...

the cheese
I thought France was leading here but Holland definately puts up a strong fight. I tried a large variety of strong, bold and colourful cheeses. The Old Gouda is a must as well as their famously vibrant green cheeses!


I was looking forward to trying these and they did not disappoint. A stroopwafel consists of two thin wafels sandwiched together with caramel. Their taste resembles speculoos a little... but better.
Pannekoek: Pancakes
Dutch pancakes are like a cross between crepes and the Canadian variety. I love seeing how pancakes differ from country to country. We enjoyed them with cheese and sliced apple.


They have an incredible variety of beers and we enjoyed a range of Belgian ones. I tried the Barbar beer with a honey flavouring and it was my favourite of the bunch. I love Belgium's fruity beers and the raspberry one was nice and tangy.

Hagelslag: Chocolate sprinkles!

This is my new favourite food (treat?). These chocolate sprinkles are just so cute and fun to eat! They make morning time amusing and put a smile on my face. The Dutch like to eat these on white bread with a little butter (so they don't all roll off!). You can buy a range of different sprinkles: large or small, white, dark or milk chocolate. I wanted to fill my suitcase with these and stroopwafels... who needs clothes?

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